Updated: 08 july 2020

In May 1982, the Maritime Professional Football Club Ltd was granted a conditional expansion franchise with the team to pay CDN$1.5m franchise fee and to begin play in the 1984 CFL season as long as a suitable 30,000 stadium could be built in time for the season opener.
On 3rd November 1982, the team of Atlantic Schooners was chosen and announced by J. I. Albrecht, former general manager of the Montreal Alouettes at a press conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the site of the proposed team. Schooners had been chosen through the usual name-the-team contest along with Atlantic Windjammers and Atlantic Storm. Atlantic was chosen to represent Atlantic Canada with the stylized 'A' logo in the shape of a schooner (ship) on four waves that represent the four Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. The team colours were chosen to be silver, maritime blue, nautical brass and white.
The proposed stadium was to be a 34,000-seat stadium in Dartmouth,NS with a projected cost of CDN$6M. The real issue was the fact that the mayors of both Halifax and Dartmouth were still debating where the stadium should be built as both wanted to host the team, with neither governmental departments contributing to the funding of the stadium. The only time that they would step in would be for the hosting of international events like the Olympic Games or Commonwealth Games.
Maritime Football Ltd is hoping to bring the 10th CFL team to Halifax, NS. It has proposed Shannon Park, along the east side of Halifax harbour, as the site for a 24,000-seat stadium. St.Mary's Huskies (U Sports Football) play at Huskies Stadium in the city which has a maximum capacity of 9,100 and therefore is not deemed suitable for a CFL team. It is hoped the team will start play in 2021. Atlantic Schooners were a planned team that was founded in 1982 and to be based out of Dartmouth, NS but their franchise application was dropped 13 months later.
Anthony LeBlanc, leading the project and former owner of the NHL's Arizona Coyotes, has started a season ticket drive to see the number of people who will come to games. Fans can commit to a season ticket for less than a $100 deposit, but this will be fully refunded if the team never hits the field. Single game tickets are expected to be CDN$25 to CDN$30 and up to hundreds that include food for club seats.

On November 23, 2018, two days before the 106th Grey Cup, Maritime Football Ltd and commissioner Ambrosie announced the new team would be called the 'Atlantic Schooners'. At that time the Maritime Football Ltd. partnership changed their name to Schooners Sports and Entertainment (SSE). By December 21, 2018 the SSE had sold over 6,000 season ticket deposits. It has been suggested that the target year for the proposed team to play in the league would be 2021. The potential new franchise could play in Moncton,NB while the stadium in Halifax is built.

Mr LeBlanc states that ''An HRM Community Stadium is a game changer for the region. Our revised proposal takes this feedback into consideration and provides HRM with a community stadium proposal that is the best deal for HRM, and, in fact, better than any stadium jurisdiction in North America.''
The new proposed stadium The stadium would have a capacity of at least 24,000 and include an inflatable winter sports dome, important bare in mind where the stadium is located. It would also be opened for around 300-plus days a year for community sport and recreation use, hosting 10 CFL games and one to two concerts per year.